You are misleading people, ZEC told

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You are misleading people, ZEC told

Citizens Coalition for Change which is led by Nelson Chamisa has castigated the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) for rushing to declared winners in by-elections ignoring the possibility of appeal.

Several local authority and three parliamentary candidates who were nominated under the CCC (Chamisa) were barred by the High Court to represent the party in the February by-elections.

In a statement, the party said  ‘’ Citizens Coalition for Change wishes to inform members of the public that the statement by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) alleging that our candidates have been barred and therefore Zanu PF candidates have been duly elected following the High Court ruling of the 19th of January 2024 are false, inacurate, misleading and premature.

‘’We are still within the stipulated timeline to lodge our appeal with the Supreme Court as provided for by the law.

‘’We are going to lodge the appeal within the stipulated timeframe and our candidates, voters, and supporters and members of the public are advised to forge on with their campaigns, preparations as planned and scheduled,’’ read part of the statement.-

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